Design Retainer

A graphic design retainer or web design retainer provides unlimited design and marketing services for small to medium-sized business budgets. This retainer is recommended if you:

  • Are seeking a designer or company to take care of all your graphic design and advertising needs.
  • Are starting a new business and want to create your complete business identity at an affordable price.
  • Have an existing business and are looking to maintain or revamp your current identity or marketing materials.
  • Have ongoing marketing activities that require regular graphic design support.


What Is the Designer-On-Call Retainer?

Koa Creatives’ Designer-On-Call Retainer service gives small and mid-sized businesses and organizations access to complete services of a graphic design professional, social media manager, or blogger without having to hire a full-time employee. For businesses that require graphic design or social media support on a regular basis, Designer-On-Call is a time-saving, cost-effective way to acquire an outsourced graphic designer or social media manager without the high salaries and expensive benefits.
For a predetermined monthly fee, Koa Creatives will allocate a set amount of priority hours each month for your projects, flexible to your needs. Unused hours may be carried over to later months, but must be used before the end date.

The Designer-On-Call retainer service is a month-to-month contract paid in advance, with typical terms set for 3, 6, 12, or more months.


What do you get with the Designer-On-Call Retainer?

  • Web design and development, website updates (new pages and recurring updates), logo refreshment, brand design development activities, social media marketing, print collateral design, and more.
  • Planning and strategy consulting via Skype or phone meetings.
  • Regular graphic design and marketing support without the hassle of hiring and managing a full-time staff.
  • A dedicated team that will ensure you get the desired quality of your projects and is on call for quick online updates, blog updates, website maintenance, social media posts, graphic design services, and more.
  • Extremely fast turnaround for routine tasks.


What are the advantages of the Designer-On-Call Retainer?

You’ll never have to wonder if you can afford a particular marketing collateral item or experience the delays of getting a price quote before work starts. Everything is included in your Designer-On-Call monthly fee. Simply send a request and we’ll get started on your required project.

Priority service                                                                                                                                                                   You receive priority service. With a secured amount of prioritized design service time, you are always given a higher priority when it comes to your projects.

Consistency                                                                                                                                                                       You will enjoy the creative consistency of using a single company for all your marketing needs. We’ll make sure your marketing materials present your business or organization in the best light.

Cost Effective and customized
Maybe you just need a graphic or web designer for a few hours to make minor monthly updates. Or you may have a major project coming up and need a designer for a week or two each month! Whatever your case may be, we will work with you to develop a plan that fits your unique needs.

Discounted Design Retainer & service rates
Along with the benefits and convenience of monthly billing and securing a 30% lower hourly rate, unused hours may be carried forward to future months (however must be used prior to the determined end date).

No added overhead
With the monthly Designer-On-Call retainer service KOA Creatives is a extension of your business and you will have the resources available to get your advertising, graphic design, web design and social media marketing done right; without making space in your office, paying for equipment or added employee costs and benefits.

Consider the costs (time and money) you’ll save compared to hiring and employing an in-house designer:
Full-Time Salary (current national average is $66,000 according to a report.)
Benefits Package (medical insurance, dental, vision, etc.)
Overhead and workspace (office, expensive hardware and software and payroll)
Vacation and sick leaves and more.
The cost of employing a full-time designer can put an unnecessary strain on your “bottom line”.

Each month you will get an overview of the work created, the time used, and the retainer balance. A regular weekly or monthly call will be set up to allow us to discuss your account, address any design needs you may have  and go through the status of ongoing projects.

Direct contact
In addition to the regular calls to discuss your account, a secured dropbox will be set up where you can review or download your requested work. Depending on your preferred method of contact, communication can be facilitated by phone, skype, email.


Contact us now to set up a free consultation about the possibilities of getting a custom design retainer.