Logo Design

It all starts with a logo. It is the first and most important step you take in creating your brand image. A logo is the foundation of any branding strategy and represents your brand identity. The importance of a logo is often overlooked but at Koa Creatives we understand its significance. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure the delivery of a strong logo that sets you apart from your competitors and shows what your business is all about. For us a strong logo is smart, creative, representative, adaptable and unique.

Our logo design service does not merely mean that we provide a random logo. Our designs are always based on thorough research, insights and a well thought through strategy.

In order to develop your logo, we will take the following steps:

  • Brief: we will meet (if you would like a logo design in Hawaii) or have a telephone conversation (if you are located outside of Hawaii) to understand your business, its goals, target audience, competitors and your vision.
  • Research: we conduct thorough research on your industry and your main competitors. We will request 3-5 logos that you like or dislike as a reference point to ensure satisfaction.
  • Analysis: by understanding your industry, target audience and your brief, we will determine the color, font and design trends that need to be considered.
  • Concept: based on these newfound insights, we will start designing and sketching the first logo concepts.
  • Review: we will evaluate our sketches and will start refining and finalizing our logo options.
  • Presentation: we will deliver a number of logo concepts for you to review. Once you have given your preference and feedback, we will finalise the design until you are completely satisfied with the end product.
  • Adaptation: once the final logo has been chosen, we will happily design all your other print and online material and/ or simply apply the new logo to your existing collateral to ensure consistency. The logo can be created in a few variations, so that it is easily applied on different collateral (e.g print v.s online, colour and black & white).

Timeline for Business Logo Design:

After the design briefing with our logo designer, you can expect the presentation of the initial concepts within 5-10 working days. The subsequent revisions will be delivered relatively quickly (1-3 day(s) depending on complexity and your feedback). The revision process will also depend on your participation. Nonetheless we will do everything we can to meet your timeline.