General FAQ

Do you do printing?
No, we don’t provide that service. You can find a list of online printers we can recommend in the links page.

Do you do illustrations?
Our packages and prices do not include illustration designs. Please contact us to get our quotes on illustrations.

Why does the color look different when I print it?
Your personal printer doesn’t use exact colors that you see on the screen. You have to calibrate your printer with the screen first for the best match.

Why does the color change on different monitors when I view the samples?
The color you see on the screen depends a lot on the adjustments of the screen settings and color setup. It also depends on the brand and model of the monitor. Two identical monitors brand and model with the same settings will have slight color variation and intensity. There is no way to create a file that will show the same color on all the screens. Furthermore, when you print the file the color will change. (Refer to Why does the color look different when I print it? )

Does KOA Creatives have any rights over the logo design?
KOA Creatives doesn`t register or protect the logo design that it created for its` clients. We provide all the rights for the customers to register their logos. The client is responsible for protecting and registering the rights of his logo.

What software do you use to create logo designs?
KOA Creatives work with multiple Adobe software application.

Logo Design Process

When do you start working on my project?
We will start working on your project as soon as we receive your logo request and down payment.

How long does it take before I can see my samples?
Your samples will be presented to you within 10 days after we receive your payment, according to the package you choose.

How can I see my logo design samples?
After we receive your payment we will create the design presentation of your logo design samples and will send it through email, by the email address you provide us.

How many changes may I ask for my logo design?
Depends on the package you choose. There is always an options to request for extra revision rounds.

What if I have my own idea for the logo design?
Any ideas or requests for your future logo design you may indicate in your logo request. Please be as specific as possible. If not, we are creative professional that can come up with great new ideas for your logo.

Can you redo my existing logo design?
Yes. We are re-branding experts. Please provide us with the latest version of your logo design, and mention it in your logo request.

Do you make logo design for products, titles, or names?
Yes, we create any type of graphic identity.

Why my logo samples look less attractive than samples you have online?
We have a unique presentation. Every sample was carefully chosen and placed in the most favorable position on the page. A special background designed to enhance the viewing experience. This is not in any way done to confuse the viewer, but actually to show how the logo looks like in the optimal settings. We present your samples on a default white background unless otherwise specified in the order form.

Will you design a background for my logo?
The background is not a part of a logo. Background design is not included in any of the packages. It can be provided by request.

Who keeps the rights of the created logo design?
All the rights of the Artwork and Logos we create for our customers belong to our customers.

Logo Kit and Files

What files will I get if I order package?
You will get optimized bitmap files for the WEB: (*.GIF 72dpi, *.JPEG 150dpi, PNG-24 (transparent)) , high-resolution image (*.TIFF 300dpi), scalable vector files for printing (*.ai, *.pdf, *eps) in RGB colors.

What is a Word Template?
Word Template is a Microsoft Word file. We only provide letterhead design for the word template.
It contains almost exact replica of your original letterhead design, with an option to type in the body of the document and leaving all the graphical elements untouched. If you have Microsoft Word you can print this document on your local printer directly from your computer. However there are some limitations in quality and positioning.

What are the limitations of the word template?
Word template does not allow to embed a high quality vector graphic or a higher resolution bitmap file. Therefore the previewing and printing quality is not as high as the original vector files.
There is no option to implement bleeding in the word template document.
Some white space margins may be visible on your document. The size of the margins is determined by the program and the printer set up.

Will you provide me with scalable vector files?
Yes, we provide you with scalable vector files (AI, EPS, PDF).

What is a scalable vector file?
Vector files are files that you can resize, scale, and even change colors or fonts without loosing any quality or resolution on your image. It’s best to make GIFs or any other bitmap formats you may need for your web site. Vector files are mostly used by professional designers or print shops.

What is bitmap file?
Bitmap files are a more popular file that are the best to use on the Web. You may use them on most word applications, they are small in size, but hard to modify because of their poor resolution. You may notice a big distortion in your image if you try to scale a bitmap file. The most popular bitmap files are GIF, JPEG, TIFF and BMP.

How can I use vector files?
Vector files are used on specific vector based software applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.

How can I use bitmap files?
Bitmap files may be used in a large variety of software applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, Photo Paint or many other programs. They can be opened in most word processing applications such as Microsoft Word and many Web design programs.

Stationary Design

When I view my stationery on the web site it seems to have different colors from my original logo design?
For best viewing purposes, we use RGB color mode to present the logo samples to you. It is the main standard for all computer oriented graphics, web included. However, when we work on stationery designs, we have no choice but to convert your logo to either CMYK or Pantone colors (according to your preference). Printers do not work in RGB mode. Slight color shifts may occur. Pantone colors may appear even more different on screen b