Good Ideas & Smart Designs.

Our creative team at KOA Creatives, strengthens your brand and identity. We have the expertise and talent to deliver a high quality product & service on time within a budget.

Koa Creatives is a personalized full-service integrated brand design company founded in 2010. Our work and talent delivers high quality products, and we like it that way. We have experience representing Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Print Collateral Design, Social Media Marketing.  Our clients are diverse – small to medium size businesses; local, regional and national.
We believe in good ideas and smart designs – that’s our motto.

We also offer custom branding packages for startup companies or existing companies that are in need to revamp their design.

We believe that design is all about purpose. We develop the right process for your individual design projects. After your online form is received, we cater to your specific needs by providing exceptional and affordable graphic design packages. We are passionate about modern design offering clean designs combined with traditional typography and composition.

Take a look at everything we have to offer you.



Whether your company is brand new, or in need of re-branding, Koa Creatives offers professional graphic design services that have what you need to put your best foot forward. We are a community of designers and developers. Through effective graphic design solutions, we entice readers to open and respond to your message. We can convey your message through:

  • Branding
  • Logo & Identity Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Business Presentation Design
  • Online Brand Design
  • Creative Brand Design
  • Corporate Graphic Design
  • Product Presentation
  • Packaging Design
  • Label Design
  • Print Design Collateral
  • Print Design
  • Sales Collateral
  • Tradeshow Booth Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Newsletter Design and Layout
  • Poster Design & Flyer Design
  • Banners & Vehicle Graphics
  • Medical Graphic Design & Medical Branding
  • Restaurant Brand Design &
    Restaurant Branding
  • Real Estate Graphic Design & Branding
  • Retail Graphic Design & Retail Design
  • And much more

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Brand Identity design is a particular specialty here at Koa Creatives. A brand is more than just an image that comes to mind, it’s the collection of feelings, thoughts, emotions and experiences one person has about your product, service or company. A strong focused brand makes it much easier for the customer to buy.

Below is a list of why top companies invest in brand development.

  • Makes it easier for the customer to buy
  • Makes it easier for the sales team to sell
  • Brand clarity and delivery spurs employee motivation
  • Increase the value of your company over time
  • Brand definition brings clarity to your business goals and direction
  • A well developed brand works for you day and night
  • Saves money on future design and advertising costs
  • People prefer a strong brand which equals profit

So, are you ready to let Koa Creatives work on your brand development? We are!

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Your website is the first impression of your brand and your company. Studies have proved that the visual aspect of a brand’s website had an influence on their purchasing decision. Your website matters, and can attract qualified potential customers, generate leads and drive sales. When a website is designed correctly and supported by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, potential customers should:

  • Find you easily on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Be engaged and responded to throughout the entire sales cycle
  • Give their contact information on landing pages
  • Be tracked, analyzed and enhanced
  • Buy more from your website

If your website isn’t a sales generating machine, we can help! Depending on your specific needs, Koa Creatives can assist you with the following services:

  • Website Setup / Redesign and Development: We can create or improve your current website and deliver a creative website design.
  • System Migration: We use WordPress and can manage the migration process.
  • Keyword & Page Content Development: Maximize website functionality by strategically choosing the right keywords to be placed within page titles, headings, content and other page properties.
  • Marketing Performance Measurement & Analytics: Our team will set up and tightly integrate your lead management programs and tracking systems.
  • Reporting: We will provide reports on what’s working, what’s generating leads and prospects, sources of traffic and individual page popularity.
  • Ongoing Management of Website: Consistent Content strategy & copy writing and engagement play a major role in website success.
  • Responsive web design that takes into consideration User Experience design & analysis

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The number of digital shoppers in the United Sates is expected to surge to 175 million by 2016. That’s a very large number of potential customers, and you should make sure your company is set up to effectively serve this market! Does your website effectively turn traffic into customers? If not, now’s the time to make your e-commerce website the most effective selling tool you have.

Take a look at what Koa Creatives can do for your E-commerce:

  • Functionality and mobility
  • Blogging and social integrations
  • Scalability, online presence
  • Design
  • CMS Intergration
  • Maintenance & Updates
  • Training
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • E-mail marketing
  • Hosting services
  • Photo Optimization
  • Social Media Integration
  • Blog Writing

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Here at Koa Creatives, we pride ourselves on being innovative and up to date with the latest trends in Social Media. You will find a variety of social media marketing packages that suits your needs. We can set up, brand and post creative social media content for all your social media needs, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. Some companies have a stronger presence than others on the various Social Media Platforms, and we can help you decide which ones will be most effective for your particular company.

Here at Koa Creatives, you will find great social media management packages with many services for your Social Media presence and Social Media Management, including:

  • Content research, development and publishing (including images)
  • Interaction with your social media target and audience
  • Facebook Ads and Google AdWords Setup and Management
  • Network Popularity Increase and Follower Acquisition
  • Blog Article writing that are SEO-friendly
  • Reports on all your Social Media platforms
  • Contact Building and Content Strategy
  • Industry and Keyword Research
  • Social Media Competitive Analysis
  • Dedicated and Exclusive Account Manager

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Our publishing design team can help with all of your publishing needs including:

  • Newsletters: Our Design Team here at Koa Creatives can assist you with the design, content, and presentation of your newsletter to assure that it is a success. Every market and business is a little bit different, but every market thrives from a sense of community. If there are common interests amongst your client base, we can help you to inform them of the latest trends, or give them the latest information on their field of study.
  • Company Brochures: In designing your Corporate Brochures, Koa Creatives is also dedicated to helping you use the best professional images. Professional photography and artwork can be a deciding factor in the effectiveness of you Corporate Brochure, regardless of how good your product, or your content is, if your photos aren’t great, chances are people won’t buy. Finally the team here at Koa Creatives will extensively edit and perfect your Corporate Brochure so that it’s ready for success.
  • Book Covers: Are you in need of a Book Cover? Koa Creatives has you covered. We’ve all heard the expression “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” But the truth is, we all judge things by their first appearances, especially products which we are looking to buy (or read!). The look of your Book Cover can determine whether someone will even pick it up and read the title, let alone the introduction. Our Design Team here at Koa Creatives can help you come up with the perfect Book Cover to ensure that your book won’t go unnoticed.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Koa Creatives understands that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is as important to most businesses as navigation is to most cars. It doesn’t matter how pretty or amazing your products might be if potential customers can’t find them. It is often said that 20% of the efforts made produce 80% of the results, and in this case, taking the time to properly set up your SEO and Keywords can be a small measure that can yield very large results.

Following the use of our SEO campaign you should see an increase in the number of:

  • Overall Generated Traffic
  • Relevant Generated Traffic
  • Placement on Searches
  • Overall Sales

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